Saturday, 30 May 2009

Ending Evaluation

For this past Term in I.t, my class has been working on a project about Global Issues. The first step before even starting the project was to talk about the Design Cycle on our blogger. I realized that you needed to accomplish all 5 parts of the Design Cycle because if any of the 5 are missing, the project would not of been completed. The 5 steps are;
  • Investigation- You research about your topic.
  • Plan- You plan about what you are going to do in the Design and Create Stage
  • Design- You design what you are going to make in the create stage.
  • Create- You create your brochure.
  • Evaluate- It is like a Conclusion, you evaluate how good and how bad you do things.
I first made my iWeb and I added many picture of war to advertise that we need to stop conflict. I also added a lot of information and many popular questions that many students in my class liked an answer to. Once done my iWeb I went on to making my brochure. This brochure only took one lesson because I basically put all my information from my iWeb into my brochure. If I ever did this project again I would of like to improve on my iWeb because I did not have enough time to correct all my spelling and gramar.

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  1. I like they way you set your evaluation, it's very accurate and clear! keep it up x